Painted Elk Rack, 2018
elk rack, acrylic paint, clear coat
approx 3’x4’

Painted Impala, 2015 - ongoing
taxidermy, acrylic paint
dimensions vary

Painted Deer, 2013
taxidermy White-tailed Deer mount, acrylic paint
approx 2' x 3'

Custom items for Bergdorf Goodman's Holiday Store
Fall/Winter 2015

Beaver Pelt, 2013
taxidermy beaver pelt, sequins, glue, wood frame
19" x 13"

Painted Wood, 2013 - ongoing
wood slices, acrylic paint
dimensions vary

Monkey's Fist Knots, 2013 - ongoing
cotton rope, acrylic paint
dimensions vary

Hatchets, 2012 - ongoing
vintage hatchets, acrylic paint
dimensions vary

Sika & Fallow Antlers, 2011 - ongoing
shed Sika & Fallow Deer Antlers, paint, clear coat
dimensions vary

Hand-painted Antler Sheds, 2010 - ongoing
shed deer antler, acrylic paint, matte clear coat
dimensions vary

Shed, 2011
deer antlers, sequins, paint
photos by Michael Goelzer
Limited edition of 20 pieces for Printshop Forever.

Antlers, 2010
mule deer antlers, paint
5' x 5'
Site specific installation at the James Watrous Gallery, Madison, WI

Crabs, 2010
plastic crabs, sequins, paint
4' x 4'

Fish, 2008
plastic fish, sequins, paint 
4.5' x 4.5'

Antelope, 2008
taxidermy, fabric, glue 
3' x 4'

Pheasants, 2006
taxidermy, sequins, glue 
5' x 5'

 Deer, 2006
taxidermy, sequins, ribbons, glue
4' x 4'

Coyote, 2006
taxidermy, sequins, glue 
3.5' x 5'
From the collection of Faythe Levine.

Snack Cake Wall, 2005
store bought snack cakes, sequins, glue 
13' x 8'



Slow Start, Long Beginnings, 2011
Collaborative installation and drawings with Jessica Steeber and Karin Haas. 
Site specific installation at the Walker's Point Center for the Arts, Milwaukee, WI.

Untitled, 2008
taxidermy foam forms, fabric, paint
13' x 9'
Site specific installation in the window of Urban Outfitters, Milwaukee, WI